About Us

About Us

Aloha Neighbors!

HVO Farm is a division of Hawaiian Volcanic Organic Farm

Our goal is to provide our Neighbors on The Big Island with healthy alternatives and options to be able to provide their families with fresh, healthy, Organic Produce, and other Healthy Products

Build your own Home Gardens to supplement your diet with Healthy Organic Produce.

HVO.Earth has Organic Compost, Top Soil, HVO Organic Fertilizer, and select heirloom seeds and indigenous seeds that are climatized to be grown successfully in our Hawaiian environment.

We have built our own climate controlled growing room for microgreens and for the cloning of our most robust vegetables and fruit, so that you can grow your own Organic food.

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Healthy Water used on our Organic Farm

We use a double-size commercial filter system, then run the rainwater thru a commercial ultraviolet (UV) System. We treat our rainwater with HOCl – the safest and best water treatment on the Planet. Google “World Health Organization recommends HOCl for water treatment” to Confirm this Fact of how well it keeps the water purified. 

Healthy & happy

Only Organic Fertilizers used on our Organic Farm

Using only organic fertilizers on an organic farm is an important aspect of maintaining the health and sustainability of the soil and the environment.

We make our Organic compost from untreated hardwood sawdust, mulch, high quality horse manure, and greens. We spray periodically with EM1 and balance it with a 7-7-7 NPK spray


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Why is Seasonal Eating Beneficial

Eating foods that are in season can have a number of benefits. One benefit is that in-season produce is often fresher and has a better flavor because it has been allowed to fully ripen on the plant.


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